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Curbside sanitation services are provided by Duncan Disposal under an agreement with the
City of Josephine. Regular trash pickup is every Wednesday.  Thursday is trash pickup day for
the Fountain View Subdivision.  This includes ordinary household wastes.

For more information on sanitation services contact the city at 972-843-8282.

The City of Josephine also sponsors a citywide clean-up day for Josephine residents
and water customers with trash service.  We will put the date on the water bill when
we have the date.

Dumpster Information

The fee to use the dumpster is:

  •     $30.00 for 1 pickup load
  •     $60.00 for a trailer up to 16 ft
  •     $150.00 for a trailer over 16 ft

Please contact city hall for dumpster access in advance.

Trash Pick-up Requirements

Pickup Day: Wednesday for all regular cart pick-up and Thursday for all dumpsters

  •      Each Wednesday for all residents
  •      Trash Cart to be ready for pickup at road edge by 7:00 a.m. on each Wednesday
  •      Trash to be in disposable plastic bags and tied
  •      No large containers with loose trash
  •      Brush to be cut into 4-foot lengths and stacked in easily manageable bundles
  •      Pickup may need to be done on a different day when a holiday is observed by Duncan, but trash WILL be picked up each week (July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day,             New Year’s Day)
  •     Items that will not be picked up include waste prohibited under federal/state law: medical waste, liquid waste, auto tires, oil filters, lead-acid batteries, petroleum products and by-            products, explosive materials or any other landfill prohibited material  prohibited material

Article 4.00 Sanitation

Sec. 4.001 Garbage Collection
Trash Fixed Charge Code Definitions – 10/01/18

CODE            DESCRIPTION                            AMOUNT                             TAX MULTIPLIER

1                   Trash Residential                   17.96  plus TAX Includes 1 cart         0.0775

2                   Trash  2  yard  Bin                83.62  plus TAX                                     0.0775

3                   Trash  3  yard  Bin               110.60  plus TAX                                    0.0775

4                   Trash  4  yard  Bin               139.07  plus TAX                                    0.0775

5                   Trash  6  yard  Bin               182.26  plus TAX                                    0.0775

6                   Trash 8 yard Bin                  184.67  plus TAX                                    0.0775

7                   Commercial Hand Collect    25.49 plus TAX                                     0.0775

8                   Trash Tax Exempt                 18.88                                                       0

9                   4 yard Tax Exempt              139.07                                                       0

10                  Multi Trash                            34.42 plus TAX                                     0.0775

11                 Trash W/1 Cart                        17.96 plus TAX                                     0.0775

12                 Trash W/2 Carts                     25.21 plus TAX                                     0.0775

13                 Trash W/3 Carts                     31.55 plus TAX                                     0.0775


Trash Roll Off Rates 20 Yard
$98.18 Delivery
$3.47 Per Day
$364.93 Per Dump
Sec. 4.002 Use of City Dumpsters

30 Yard
$98.18 Delivery
$3.47 Per Day
$456.98 Per Dump

40 Yard
$98.18 Delivery
$3 .47 Per Day
$525.39 Per Dump

Sec. 4.002 Use of City Dumpsters
City dumpsters maintained at the sewer plant shall be made available for use by City residents
for a non prorated charge as follows:

(a) Pickup truck or car – $30.00
(b) Trailers up to 16′ in length – $60.00
(c) Trailers over 16′ in length – $150.00

Residents may obtain a permit for use of the dumpsters upon presentation of a current water bill stub and payment of the required fee at City Hall. No batteries, building materials, paint, tires or appliances may be disposed of in a City dumpster.