Josephine Municipal Court

Honorable Judge Terry Douglas

The Josephine Municipal Court is presided over by the Honorable Judge Terry Douglas and maintained by the Court’s Clerk, Amy Ashmore. The Court was established on the 22nd day of February 2004 under appointment by the Josephine City Council. Municipal courts stem from a long line of local courts that embrace the notion that the preservation of community life and the prevention of lawlessness begins in our own towns and cities. These Courts have jurisdiction over all class C misdemeanors which are “fine-only” criminal offenses. The Josephine Municipal Court has limited civil jurisdiction for the purpose of bond forfeitures and is able to assess civil penalties for the violation of city ordinances. The Municipal Court also has concurrent jurisdiction with the justice courts in offenses occurring within the territorial limits and on property owned by the city in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. 

Fee Schedule

*Amounts include Court Costs: Moving Violation Court Costs $99.10

To make an online payment, click on the following link: Pay Municipal Fines


    1-9 Miles Over Speed Limit $149.10

10-15 Miles Over $199.10

16-20 Miles Over $249.10

21 Miles & Over $299.10

Additional Fines:

  •     Failure to maintain financial responsibility (1st offense) $311.00
  •     Failure to maintain financial responsibility (2nd offense) $511.00
  •     Expired or invalid motor vehicle registration $151.00
  •     Expired or invalid motor vehicle inspection $149.00
  •     Expired or invalid registration on trailer $151.10
  •     Operating motor vehicle without valid driver’s license $198.10
  •     Driving While License Invalid $257.00
  •     Failure to display driver’s license $151.10
  •     Expired driver’s license $151.10
  •     Failure to report change of address $151.10
  •     Unrestrained driver (No seat belt) $149.10
  •     Unrestrained passenger (No seat belt) $168.10
  •     Unrestrained child passenger (no safety device) $211.00
  •     Failure to stop at stop sign $199.10
  •     Disregard official traffic-control device $189.10
  •     Passing in a no-pass zone $198.10
  •     Unsafe passing $198.10
  •     Failure to drive in a single marked lane $198.10
  •     Driving on wrong side of the road $208.10
  •     Failure to yield right-of-way to emergency vehicle $249.00
  •     Failure to yield right-of-way (other traffic) $199.10
  •     Exhibition of acceleration $211.10
  •     Failure to signal turn $146.10
  •     Passing school bus (1st offense) $761.10
  •     Passing school bus (2nd offense) $1,255.00
  •     Child under 18 in open bed of pick-up truck $211.10
  •     Following too closely $160.10
  •     Defective head or tail lamps $118.10
  •     Defective or no license plate lamp $120.10
  •     Defective or no brake lamp(s) $118.10
  •     No front license plate displayed $176.00
  •     Permit unauthorized person to operate motor vehicle $168.10
  •     Unlawful operation of all-terrain vehicle on public roadway $151.00
  •     Possession of alcohol in motor vehicle (Open Container) $511.10
  •     Assault $505.00
  •     Theft (under $50.00) $305.00
  •     Criminal mischief (under $50.00) $505.00
  •     Disorderly conduct (1st offense) $266.00
  •     Disorderly conduct (2nd offense) $511.00
  •     Possession of drug paraphernalia $511.00
  •     Public intoxication $316.00
  •     Unauthorized possession of fireworks $266.00
  •     Dismissal fee for renewed Motor Vehicle Registration or Motor Vehicle Inspection within 20 working days is $20.00

If you do not see the offense you have been charged with listed above, you must contact the Josephine Municipal Court at (972) 843-8060.

Prosecutor for the Josephine Municipal Court:  Kyle K. Shaw, Attorney at Law