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Thanks to 18 months of work by the JCDC  board and city staff a resolution has been found to the postal mailing issues.  Starting on January 9th 2016, if you receive mail in Josephine you will be able to change the last line of your address.  Your Zip Code WILL NOT change, you will however be able to add Josephine to your address line, for example if your current mailing address is 123 ABC Street, Nevada TX 75173 and you are within the geographical (city) limits of Josephine you will now be able to put Josephine, TX 75173.  This applies to ALL zip codes for which people receive mail in Josephine, 75189, 75173 and 75135.  More is explained in the letter from the Office pdfPost Office Letter.


The City of Josephine has been awarded $56,000 in matching grant funds from the Collin County Project Funding Assistance program. The JCDC applied for the grant in early 2015.


Josephine Park Grant Award Letter


The Josephine Community Development Corporation filed a Park and Open Space Funding Assistance Grant application with Collin County on July 3, 2015.


This is a matching grant. The JCDC has committed $15,000 and the City of Josephine has committed an additional $20,000. The purpose of the project is to replace existing outdated and non-conforming playground equipment with new ADA acceptable equipment and correct water drainage issues. Simple statement but big project, and one that will preserve the past but greatly improve our recreational facilities. This will be Phase I. We expect this to be a community involvement project. We have the support of the Volunteer Fire Department and will be asking residents to volunteer time and labor to make this happen.


Our early response from Collin County has been favorable and we expect approval in mid-October.



Joe Holt


JCDC Board of Directors






The Josephine Community Development Corporation was pleased to have the positive response from the U.S. Postal Service regarding our request to be able to use Josephine for our address rather than Nevada, Royse City, Farmersville or Caddo Mills. Even though it may still require one of those Zip codes since Zip code boundaries are not subject to revision. This favorable step is a result of the JCDC Board of Directors', Barbara Newton, Pamela Koop, Jessica Buchanan, Bill Crosetti, Randall Nichols and Margaret Schaffer, efforts for almost a year of working with the  and furnishing data regarding population growth, building permits, plans for future development, City overlay maps as well as many other documents requested by the Postal Service Dallas District Manager, Address Manager.


The City staff has provided support by provided mailing lists and other required documentation.


A survey will be sent to residents who receive home delivery requesting their input. If the response is positive the Postal Service will consider our request for Josephine to be our address.



Joe Holt


JCDC Board of Directors

JCDC Meeting Agenda




 Questions, queries and concerns about the JCDC should be directed towards the JCDC Board of Directors President.


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